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Author: webeditor

Can I get off this seesaw?

by Jocelyn Broderick

OK, so we knew this was going to be a rough couple of months, but seriously…! It’s been nearly 4 months already and here in South Africa things are only now beginning to hot up. Infections are increasing at an alarming rate.  It feels like my whole life exists on this giant scale. Should I do this? Yes, but what are the ramifications. Well, maybe I’ll do that instead. Ja, but look what could happen then…IT’S ENOUGH ALREADY!

I’m armed and ready!

Jocelyn Broderick

I’m armed and ready. Making excuses. Stalling. Heart racing. Maybe it’s not the time. Maybe there’s a reason not to? What if this is the defining moment that changes our lives forever? Should I find a reason not to? All I can think over and over is that this is a risk, this is a risk, this is a risk.

Diving towards the future

Tumelo Don Mosenye

Isn’t it weird? …How we’ve come to live since the 26th of March?

Many are suffering from psychological anxiety as they don’t know whether they will still be employed so they can be able to continue to provide for their families now, and post covid-19. The reality is that the country’s economy continues to go down the slope and it’s beyond inevitable that many will lose their jobs. These kinds of intrusive thoughts breed depression.

What’s your innovation?

Boniswa Holland

Over the past few days I have been mulling over the idea of a whole new world.  We see it all the time in movies, especially post apocalyptic films.  After the aliens have come and gone, or the war has ended, the people always emerge in the sunlight with the wind blowing, gazing over an earth that is unrecognisable but inviting.

A new look through my foggy lenses

Ilse Klink

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves – Dr Viktor Frankl

For many of us the pandemic of 2020 has stopped us in our tracks. All those New Year’s resolutions, all those grand plans, all of those manifestations have been put on ice. Now, we make room for new ones.

A little lost

Let’s Play!

Charlotte Butler

We have lost the ability to play

As children we happily dressed up and became somebody else. Either the hero or the bad guy. A mop became a horse, a doll wrapped up in a towel became a crying baby, a stick a gun. Moms high heels and necklace turned us into a very important business woman. A blackboard, chalk and cane made us a strict teacher, shouting at our imaginary class.