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Boniswa Holland

Non-Executive Board Member and Shareholder, Casting Agent

Boniswa Holland was brought in as a Non-Executive Board Member and Shareholder for Performance Role Play Training in 2018. With her contractual experience as an agent, as well as an active member of the entertainment Industry, her invaluable knowledge has supported PRPT in the creation and scrutiny of Performance Contracts and legal issues pertaining to performance. She also assists in the casting of performers for the various projects PRPT works on.

Bonnie, as she is fondly known, is the co-owner of Elysian Management PTY Ltd. She started her career in the entertainment industry 9 year ago. Throughout the 9 years she grew from Junior Agent to Senior Agent to Manager of both children and adults divisions in the industry to owner of her own agency.  This has helped her fulfill her dream of becoming a mentor for young artists and facilitating professional thespians in the entertainment industry.