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Can I get off this seesaw?

by Jocelyn Broderick

OK, so we knew this was going to be a rough couple of months, but seriously…! It’s been nearly 4 months already and here in South Africa things are only now beginning to hot up. Infections are increasing at an alarming rate.  It feels like my whole life exists on this giant scale. Should I do this? Yes, but what are the ramifications. Well, maybe I’ll do that instead. Ja, but look what could happen then…IT’S ENOUGH ALREADY!

To protect or abandon?

Take for instance my darling Mom who is in an Old Age Home. She has been holed up alone since before lockdown… to keep her safe. Now four months in the life of a 93 year old is precious time that we shouldn’t be wasting. When we venture out occasionally, we stand metres apart on either side of a security gate where she can hardly hear us or see us. But bringing her home is more dangerous – we could bring Covid19 home. But isn’t being isolated and alone more life-threatening to a person of that age? Family is all they live for. See-saw; see-saw.

Out or In

We need to shop; to work – and I’m not talking about the daily Zoom meetings. I’m talking about getting into my car and driving – that’s unnerving in itself these days – and meeting face to face with people. That’s also daunting. How far apart do we stand? Why is their mask slipping? I need to leave…someone sneezed. Did I really have to go out at all? I’d really prefer to stay at home. But shopping online loses me more hours in the week than I care to mention. To shop or not to shop – that’s the question.

School or self-study

And now there’s the issue of school. My child has been predominantly self-studying since lockdown started. I can’t tell you how much anxiety that has caused. Since formal school started, some teachers pitch online and others don’t. The kids need to learn and to pass the year, but going back to school has not proven to be the best choice. Too many infections. Teachers at risk. Scholars at risk. Anxiety at an all time high. Do we send him back? See-saw; see-saw.

See-saw see-saw

I am so trying to find that equilibrium; that even keel to breathe more easily. To find balance. To Zoom or not to Zoom. To attend yet another webinar or to read another article or to opt out and sit in the weak winter sunshine. To embrace despair one day or to wake up positive and motivated the next day. See-saw. I’m trying to find that balance. How are you doing?

Does this sound familiar? If your team currently feels  like they are on a see-saw and need to find a balance, check out our video on and let us help you with conversation starters on Mental Health in the work place.