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Diving towards the future

Tumelo Don Mosenye

Isn’t it weird? …How we’ve come to live since the 26th of March?

Many are suffering from psychological anxiety as they don’t know whether they will still be employed so they can be able to continue to provide for their families now, and post covid-19. The reality is that the country’s economy continues to go down the slope and it’s beyond inevitable that many will lose their jobs. These kinds of intrusive thoughts breed depression.

Life in the Time of …Tolerance

Jocelyn Broderick

The Rat Race

It’s been a week of being home day and night with my two sons and my man. Don’t think I have ever been at home this long, without popping out to the shops; rushing to endless meetings; trying to finish documents and corporate speeches; invoicing and following up payments, doing endless, endless admin, before getting home late and facing the kitchen on my night to cook. And ending up alone in the kitchen after supper, because I have my own special version of clean and won’t go to bed until the kitchen is spotless. My bad…or good. You choose.

Boniswa Holland

Non-Executive Board Member and Shareholder, Casting Agent

Boniswa Holland was brought in as a Non-Executive Board Member and Shareholder for Performance Role Play Training in 2018. With her contractual experience as an agent, as well as an active member of the entertainment Industry, her invaluable knowledge has supported PRPT in the creation and scrutiny of Performance Contracts and legal issues pertaining to performance. She also assists in the casting of performers for the various projects PRPT works on.

Bonnie, as she is fondly known, is the co-owner of Elysian Management PTY Ltd. She started her career in the entertainment industry 9 year ago. Throughout the 9 years she grew from Junior Agent to Senior Agent to Manager of both children and adults divisions in the industry to owner of her own agency.  This has helped her fulfill her dream of becoming a mentor for young artists and facilitating professional thespians in the entertainment industry.

Phyllis Ndlovu

Non-Executive Board Member,  Facilitator, Course Designer

Phyllis began her association with Performance Role Play Training as a co-facilitator with Judy Ditchfield for Vodacom. This work developed into great synergy and a powerful working team, which was then incorporated into programmes for PRPT. The foundation of Phyllis’ work is developing and growing people which is strongly aligned to the values of PRPT. As our association developed, Phyllis was a perfect fit to come in and develop and grow Performance Role Play Training, and was asked to become a Non-Executive Board Member and Shareholder. Her work with PRPT continues to be driving Strategy and being a core contributor to strengthening our vision and direction. She is also a strong contributor to course development.

Phyllis is a trained Clinical Psychologist. She obtained her BA Junior Degree and Honours Degree in Applied Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS). She went on to obtain her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Over the years she has obtained a number of additional courses within the field of psychology as well as in other management disciplines. Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Leadership Development and Organisational Performance are some of these. Ongoing self improvement has served as a cornerstone in terms of providing the best and most contextual interventions to her client base. Her work history entails more than 17 years’ experience in psychology work. Such work includes Organisational development, executive coaching, brief and long term psychotherapy, as well as workshop facilitation. She has also had exposure as adviser to senior and executive management. Her facilitation in strategic planning workshops and in strategic advice put her in good stead to balance the focus on the needs of the individual and needs of the corporate environment.

Over the years she has occupied senior and executive management positions in government and in the private sector. These positions have ranged from Strategic HR to Executive Services (including policy, strategy and performance). Phyllis is the founding member of Kisima Psychological Services. This is a company that focuses on maximizing human capital output. Health and wellness interventions, Emotional Intelligence Workshops, Workplace Diversity and Transformation conversations are some of the offerings. In response to client needs, additional offerings have been Organisational Diagnosis, Climate Survey, Strategy Facilitation and Team Effectiveness interventions.