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Diving towards the future

Tumelo Don Mosenye

Isn’t it weird? …How we’ve come to live since the 26th of March?

Many are suffering from psychological anxiety as they don’t know whether they will still be employed so they can be able to continue to provide for their families now, and post covid-19. The reality is that the country’s economy continues to go down the slope and it’s beyond inevitable that many will lose their jobs. These kinds of intrusive thoughts breed depression.

Depression is real

For those who are still fortunate to keep their jobs; are companies equipped and prepared enough to deal with a high volume of employees who are quietly suffering from covid-19 anxiety and depression? I’m sure most companies (if not all) would agree they would rather have a healthy employee in order to be productive than otherwise. Roleplay is one of the very few exceptional mediums that most companies can adopt into their training and development strategies. 

Home or Office?

There’s another observation I made… I was having a chat with my partner the other day… she has been working from home ever since day 1 of SA lockdown. I asked her if there was any significant difference between going to work and working from home? She said if all resources were provided to work from home (which is very much possible) then there wouldn’t be any point of going to the office. She continued to say that so far they have made it work, with just a few small glitches there and there.

I thought to myself that surely this could be done effortlessly as we head towards this new world, that with the quick advancement of the 4th IR.  Could this be the resetting of the economy as some think? 

What have I learned  from corona virus? I often ask myself these questions. As much as there’s a lot of theories doing the rounds, one is compelled to rethink, restrategise, rearrange, realign. How you look at it lies entirely upon you. Are we headed towards a new world? I for one would love to see how this world will be post corona virus.