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Don’t be a hound dog!

Judy Ditchfield

Nothing puts me off shopping more than a hard sell salesperson. You know the type trying to sell you something that you don’t want?  On more than one occasion, as they have starting their pushy, “trying-to-convince-me” sales talk, I have immediately said: “I will call you if I need you” retort.  Most of the time that seems to fly over their heads, and they continue to badger you. If they follow me around, I high tail it right out the store.  No question. I can’t stand it.  I don’t need to be hounded, because as quickly as you hound me, you will hound me out your store. Bad customer service.

So what do I want as a customer?

Simple; I want help if I need it, and a suggestion if I ask for it.  If you show you want to assist me, and then like a classy restaurant make yourself almost invisible but are present enough to suddenly appear as I glance for you, that to me is what I want. Good customer service

Don’t bug me

With the situation worldwide, many of us are doing shopping online, and constantly working online. Right now, we are all pretty locked into emails and our computers, on social media, or helpful websites. And the hard sell is coming on strong. Companies are trying to be ahead of the game, making their presence known, sometimes with daily mails, but to such an extent and so often, that it is becoming a menace; like real hard sell salesmen and just as annoying. And it does nothing for the company image. 

This has resulted in my morning routine being, cleaning my inbox. Boy, I get the greatest satisfaction. I check who it’s from, and if I see it is one of the incessant pushy companies, I swipe them straight to junk mail or trash. No reading, no trying to see the value, it is just too much too often. So out it goes. Basically the same as me walking out of the shop. A customer lost. 

In your attempt to maintain presence and show people you are ahead of the game, have you become the hard sell sales company?

Be discerning

Yes, we need to make sure we remain visible. Yes, we need to keep our brands current and present. But do it effectively. Be discerning. A powerful, occasional message will serve you far better than a deluge of overselling, hounding.  The intention to retain customers with the constant mails, may be the very reason you are losing them. Don’t be a hound dog!