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Graham Hopkins

Senior Business Role Player, Actor, Financial Director

Graham Hopkins is an experienced Role Player and has been extensively involved with role play training programmes for The World Bank, Vodacom, Anglo American, The British Consulate, The Medical Professional Society, Sun International and Barclays Africa. He has been a senior associate of Performance Role Play Training since inception of the company. His wide experience in the business world enables him to engage with complex operational and management issues, in a variety of role play scenarios, interacting with all levels of employee, from interns to senior managers. His experience in various role playing techniques such as Real Play, Forum Theatre, Boardroom Theatre, Immersive Training and effective feedback make him a valuable senior member of the team.

A qualified senior school English and Mathematics teacher, Graham spent a couple of years with the Natal Education Department before moving to Johannesburg to join a theatre company.  In addition to a busy professional life as an actor, voice artist, Role Player and executive training consultant, Graham has also been a scriptwriter and partner in a very successful experiential communications company for the last 15 years, where he has filled the role of Chief Financial Officer, over and above his creative contributions.

Graham has been a professional actor for over 36 years and he has earned countless nominations and many awards in almost every performance genre that he has tackled. From leading roles in high profile South African television series, such as Barney Barnato and The Lab, to international musical theatre appearances, comedy and serious drama, Graham enjoys the variety of challenges that the profession offers. In the last 10 years, he has appeared on stage for no less than ten theatre managements, both locally and internationally. He has recently finished playing leading roles in both an international and a local television series, as well as  appearing as Martin Dysart in Equus, for the Pieter Toerien Management.