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Our Clients

The Performance Role Play Training team is proud to have worked with a broad list of local and international blue-chip companies and organisations.

These include:

  • Accenture South America – Potential Squared International
  • ABSA Audit
  • ABSA Bank
  • Anglo American – Collaborate Consulting and Development
  • Anglo American – EC Training Consultants
  • Barclays International – Potential Squared and React UK: Egypt, Ghana, Kenya and Seychelles
  • DukeCE
  • TTS – DYAD Training and Development
  • FNB
  • General Motors – 360 Degrees
  • Massmart
  • Medical Protection Society – Unplugged
  • Potential Squared International
  • React UK
  • Stortech Technology Services
  • Standard Bank PBB
  • Standard Bank CIB Risk
  • Steps Drama Learning Development UK
  • Sun International
  • Torga Optical
  • National School of the Arts
  • Montecasino
  • VentureWeb/TalentSmith
  • Vodacom South Africa
  • Vodacom Africa: DRC, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania
  • Vodafone
  • World Bank – Win-Win: Washington, Rwanda
  • “I worked with the Performance Role Play company for most of 2018 in my previous role as Programme Director for one of the leading Corporate Education providers in the country.

    I found their services & conduct to be extremely professional. Their work ethic is of high quality and I generally found great value in working with them. 

    Please feel free to contact me should you require more information.”

    Sazile Lekola
    Leadership Development Lead at FNB South Africa

  • Gary Bates, STEPS U.K

    “Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you all – it was a real pleasure…..I have been ‘bigging you up’ to all my colleagues here in the UK.”

  • Colin Hunter, Group Managing Director, Potential Squared International (colleague)

    “Judy is one of those exceptional people who blends a passion for her craft and a passion for the people around her. She is an exceptional actress who works well with her colleagues and peers to create an ‘experience’ that is challenging and developmental.” July 2, 2010

  • Simon Crowe  as REACT facilitator now IDG U.K.

    “Jossie, I enjoyed observing your skills but also just the way you approach your work and the things that you are doing were very inspiring” November 2011

  • “The trainers are excellent. They were able to build relationships. I particularly liked Charlotte, her objectivity, her tone of voice and body language. I would like to be as efficient as she is.” Standard Bank , PBB, Learning and Development

  • “Will be remembered for the rest of my life and will be applied throughout my training sessions” Standard Bank , PBB, Learning and Development

  • “This is great for facilitators to use in many different courses. The professional actors make the Role Play and the Forum theatre work Standard Bank , PBB, Learning and Development

  • Liesl Petersen Head: L&D Nedbank Private Wealth, previously HR Anglo America

    Judy is amazing! People at Anglo love her and her style and methodology of delivery. It is a pleasure to work with Judy and I know that any request put to Judy will be dealt with efficiently, professionally and with the highest quality. I would recommend Judy for any intervention at any level.

    February 19, 2013, Liesl was Judy’s client at Anglo American

  • “All activities were relevant. Nice behaviours manifested. Challenges everyone in personal and business context. Life experience” Standard Bank, PBB, Learning and Development

  • “All customer based industries would benefit. All human beings can benefit from this course, purely because it teaches you how to interact with people, emotions and situations. The course helps to make connections” Standard Bank , PBB, Learning and Development

  • Mike Taylor, Associate, Potential Squared International (colleague)

    “In J/berg I was asked to meet Judy to see if she would add value to a very important training piece for a prestigious global client. She makes a strong positive first impression and then builds on that powerful impact in terms of delivery and work ethic. I have worked with her many times since that first meeting and she is a joy to work with. Reliable, flexible and full of empathy for colleagues, clients and participants. I guess best of all is the way in which she lives her values. Integrity with good humour: I wish I had her with me wherever I work in the world. MIkeT” July 3, 2010

  • “Words cannot express the gratitude for the calibre of trainers. You rock, Girls” Standard Bank , PBB, Learning and Development

  • Herman van Zyl, Project and Business advisor and partner @ Kumba Iron Ore previously

    “I worked with Judy on site on a change management project. Her flamboyant and uplifting personality was entertaining and made people feel at ease. I can definitely recommend her to be involved in any type of role playing especially on corporate level, were it is and has become essential to be able to relate to her audience, which she delivers very well. Her presentations and facilitation skills are professional and dynamic. It was a pleasure to work with her as she is a friendly person, who uses her charismatic skills to attract and keep the attention of her audience and as such I would most certainly work with her again”

  • “Forum Theatre was a turning point for me. Changed my life. Thank you.” Standard Bank , PBB, Learning and Development

  • “This was a brilliant course. We may have taken role plays for granted, but now they have meaning” Standard Bank , PBB, Learning and Development

  • “The Role Play team is an absolute dream. Not only are they experts in their field they are also just wonderful (and hilarious) people to work with.”

    Best Regards,
    Roxanne Creamer
    Client Acquisition Lead

If you’re feeling inspired by these, or you have a lightbulb in your head that says, ‘Hey! We could do with some of that!’ please drop us a line right now.

Our team in action at FNB Leadership Week