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Our Story

Performance Role Play Training brings corporate training to life, using ‘integrated and immersive learning’ in ways that can’t be replicated by other training methods.

In addition, we’re UK-trained, internationally experienced, and intrinsically African – uniquely able to understand the specific needs of the client.

Composed of highly skilled teams of business simulators and facilitators, Performance Role Play Training offers effective, process-driven, and outcomes-based facilitation. This is how we’ve developed a sterling global reputation for our successful approach to real behavioural change.

Peopled by facilitators, actors, directors, writers and producers, our team combines finely honed communication skills, a profound understanding of the corporate world, and extensive global experience in training and facilitation.

We have 34 team members in total, of which 27 are Role Players. Aged 22 to 65, they span a wide range of ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Fun within the hard work, with great results

Why Actors?

Why we use actors and industry creatives is because they have the intrinsic and extrinsic tools to understand human behaviour. They are specialists in human engagement and communication, expertly leveraging Role Play into a vehicle for providing effective feedback.
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