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What’s your innovation?

Boniswa Holland

Over the past few days I have been mulling over the idea of a whole new world.  We see it all the time in movies, especially post apocalyptic films.  After the aliens have come and gone, or the war has ended, the people always emerge in the sunlight with the wind blowing, gazing over an earth that is unrecognisable but inviting.

I think what surprises me the most is the adaptability of people and the impressive way we embrace change and accept a new normal.  

So, what now? 

Take our current situation, we all know the negatives it has brought each and every person and industry.  From the entertainment industry to the printing industry to the cleaning industry, all of them have experienced the negative effects of the pandemic. 

But let’s look closer…

What I see is people coming together, getting creative, adapting…to a new normal, to a new way of life.  This is what I wanted to focus on today.  Celebrating the innovative ideas people are forming on a daily basis.

Salons are selling DIY hair dye kits, you tell them the colour you want, they mix it up and sell it to you with all the necessary tools, at a discounted rate (minus the labour fee).  

Most food stores are offering a delivery service to your car.  Whatsapp them your shopping list, they do the shop, you arrive in the safety of your vehicle and it is delivered to your boot.

Films are being created with the unique concept of it being shot via social media video calls, cell phones and all communication is done via online platforms right down to the distribution of said films.

Classes from preschool to university lectures, workshops and courses are being held online. They are interactive and the prices are cheaper due to the fact that one does not leave the comfort of their own home.

House Party – An app created to help stay connected with friends and family during lockdown – each household can party with the other household via the app.

All of the above are just a few of the many examples of the adaptability we are able to achieve when we are forced to change the normal.  I mean it is clear that we have adapted and although it was and remains scary – lets embrace what may come our way, stand together, and always remember the sun will continue to rise and the world will continue to turn.